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2123 East Union St.
Seattle, WA 98122

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Mon - Sat
11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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adey abeba ethiopian restaurant seattle home
In the Amharic language, Adey Abeba means “Young Flower.” In 2005, Adey Abeba Ethiopian Restaurant was a “young flower” that opened for business in an inviting and beautifully remodeled Victorian.
Though the Young Flower of Seattle is now seven years old, Adey Abeba feels as fresh as the day it opened. This family-owned business stands as unmistakenly one of the warmest and most atmospheric Ethiopian dining experiences in the city.
Welcoming you to our restaurant is like welcoming a guest to our home. We look forward to providing you the finest Ethiopian cooking and hospitality you’ve ever enjoyed.

Ethiopian Food

If you are unfamiliar with Ethiopian food, Adey Abeba gives you an excellent opportunity to try all of the best dishes that this culinery-rich country has to offer. Try our Adey Combination plate to satisfy your curiosity and you palate.

Distinctive Spices

Ethiopian dishes are prepared with a distinctive variety of spices for an unforgettably striking dimension of African cookery. Come in and enjoy a satisfyingly unique and exciting dining experience.

Ethiopian Coffee

An Ethiopian coffee ceremony is one of the most enjoyable events you can attend at an Ethiopian Restaurant. You'll see the coffee taken through its full life-cycle during this community-rich ceremony. Ethiopians refer to coffee as 'Bunna' (boo-na).

Vegetarian Heaven

Vegetarians have long known Ethiopian Restaurants have a large selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. The dishes are well-spiced and have a satisfyingly full flavor.